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Getting "Support code 1007" on Canon MG5422 printer when trying to print.


I have been trying to print some coupons as I've done for years and I have been getting the message "Support Code 1007" on the printer screen and saying the upper cassette is empty. Solution "Load paper". Well duh. But even if I add paper I do not want it to print from the upper tray as I am not printing photos. I am printing coupons so I'm assuming the printer thinks it's printing photos since the coupons have a small picture of the item on each one. Any way to make the lower tray the default for this? I called customer support and the rep wasn't very helpful and said he had the same trouble on his end and then proceeded to tell me "Do some research and see if you can find a solution. Sorry I couldn't help you. Have a nice day!" Some help he was. Anyone know a way around this? Never had a problem with my previous Canon printer which recently died so I bought this one and am beginning to hate it.



Ok Guys what I did to solve this is PRINT THE DOCUMENT TO PDF. Then re-open the document that was saved as a PDF and then print it normally! It's as if the software is not able to read other pdf's but it's own. So you gotta transfer, per se, to the printers pdf format! I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS! 



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This is how I got it to work!! PRINT TO PDF and then save it. Open that PDF and Print! It's like the software will only recognize it's own pdf format. Hope this works for yall!!! 




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