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Getting U052 (type of printhead incorrect) on my Pixma MP610 printer).


I'm getting a U052 error message on my Pixma MP610 printer.  It reads "The type of printhead is incorrect. Install the correct printhead."  I replaced an ink cartridge that was running low, but still get that message.  I've had the printer for some time and never got that kind of message before.


Come on Canon, wake up before it's too late. Sooner or later you are going to have to answer for this. Don't say you were not warrned.  I'll be watching.


God bless


Canned bull. I bought an HP.

Hopeless you are.

@Yankfroggy wrote:




Dear Canon,


URGENT: I'm in the middle of an important job due this week. I do not have time nor will I service this barely used printer. The printer was working perfectly until I received this error."TYPE OF PRINTHEAD INCORRECT". I have tried resetting the head, unhookpower, reinstalled the drivers, cleaning, etc. to no avail. This is a weird software glitch. There is no way the print head is already worn out. I have barely used this M5250, and I just purchased 6 SETS of new cartridges. 


I would like credit for a new printer. I am not a complainer by nature but this is really unjust and the bottom line is it's the only way to keep me as a Canon customer is to give me credit for a new printer scanner.. I have been a good customer for Canon since 1977 when i bought my AE1! My current Camera; an SX40 HS also went bad as the flip screen turns upside down erratically by itself.


 I have to buy a new printer asap so it's your choice. If I don't get credit, I'll be getting an HP or other make and I'm done with Canon.




Dennis Farez

Hi Dennis,

Don't waste your time, Canon has no intention of doing anything, they have a few robots posting replies that look good but believe me they never helped a single person I heard of and I don't think they will, they have never even explained what happened to perfectly good printers, that can't even scan nor fax after thie error, what in heck does a print head have to do with that?  Keep complaining, keep searching, the share holders will eventually hear of what they are doing and when the shares drop in price things will begin to happen, but it may be too late, other companies are watching and taking advantage of all this negative publicity.


God bless you


I starting to think they purposely built in the error so you are forced to buy another one. LOL. So I did. An HP.

You too Jim.



I've had this problem for some time and I was ready to throw my MP610 to the trash (not done that yet because I have a lot of ink cartridges) until I found this solution:


  • Power off the printer.
  • Press and hold both selection buttons underneath the screen, and switch on the printer. 

This might sound silly but it worked for me, at least for today...


Hope it helps you guys.


I got the same error on my barely used Pixma MG5350, tried everything to no avail.

I can't even scan. Why in the name of the printer gods can't I scan if there's an error with the print head?

'Planned obsolescence' is the cause for this and other errors, google it.


So I took the advice of another post here: I got another printer, an Epson.


As a friendly advice to all who stumble here, same as the one I give to everyone else: stay away from Canon printers and don't think that if you get a more expensive one you'll be better off.


im al so getting u052 error message on my canon mg5200 the type of printheat is incorrect install the correct printhead 

my question what is the solution for the error ? canon should do something about this issue.

Cleaning the print head (per the You Tube videos) worked for me as well!


Thanks for the suggestion