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G7020 Scanning a multi-page doc produces multiple files


I have a Canon G7020. A few months ago, whenever I scanned a multi-page doc (for example, one page with a front and aback) to be saved as a single PDF, I  wouldn't get one file, I would two. An original and a duplicate. As of a few days ago, I not only have that problem but now it's separated into individual pages. 

For example, if I want to scan something with a front and back page, I get 2 files, one for the front and one for the back and a duplicate of each page so I get 4 files. I've attached the relevant screenshots. 

I've always used the document scan function for this. Any suggestions on settings to change would be appreciated

Document Scan 2Document Scan 2


Document Scan 1Document Scan 1


Files after scanningFiles after scanning