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G7020 Printing Slow or not at all


I've been using this printer for a while without any issues, now I can't get it to print normally.

Trying to print from 3 devices; MACbook PRO, iPad and iPhone all on WiFi.

macOS 14.5, it sounds like it is going to start but then nothing... it will finally print one line then stop for minutes, then print another one... and so on. If I cancel the print it sounds like the printer is responding, communication is happening but printing is not.

iOS 17.5.1 shows printer in the available printers list, but then gives an error that the printer is either busy or not available. Sometimes I can get a print out if printing a PDF but it takes forever. Printing from email does not work at all.

I've tried turning the printer off and unplugging it for a minute it, but it does not seem to help.



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