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Fix MX922 Printing Blank pages - severly clogged printhead



After several tries I found a procedure that works !

Supplies ⁣Needed: Windex, a container large enough to submerge the bottom of the printhead, plastic gloves, a baby bulb syringe (used to clean a baby's nose), a sink with hot running water.

1) Put on the gloves and remove the printhead.
2) Take it to the sink and turn on a SLOW - SMALL stream of hot water the size of the foam spot where the print cartidges sit. For 2 minutes move to each of the colors and let the hot water clear out the ink. Do not get the circuit board wet.
3) While at the sink, fill up the bulb of the baby syringe with windex. Slowly force the windex through each ink nozzle. Keep filling the syringe and cleaning the printhead until you don't see any more ink.
4) Repeat step 2 and rinse the windex out for 2 to 3 minutes
5 ) Place the printhead in the container nozzles down and submerge the printhead in windex so the foam ink openings are covered. Keep the circuit board out of the windex. LET THIS SOAK OVERNIGHT... THIS IS THE KEY STEP !!!
6) The next day Repeat Step 2. Rinse in hot water. DO NOT SHAKE THE PRINT HEAD. You want the water to keep air bubbles from forming. They will block ink flow. They form most easily in the PGBK as It is the largest area. That is why it is usually
7) Dry the ciruitboard by lightly tapping it
😎 Re install your printhead in the printer leaving the bottom of the printhead wet.
9) Run a nozzle print test. Repeat the whole process if the test is not good. DO NOT RUN THE PRINTER CLEANING CYLCES AS THEY WASTE INK AND WILL RECLOG THE PRINT. Repeat the whole process until the nozzle test is good.