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Firmware update doesn’t work -Canon printer (MX490)


I tried the firmware update and I don’t get the box show in the instruction for number 4-6. I decide to do away with wireless altogether. I bought a usb cord from Amazon. Here are the steps to go the USB route

Unplug printer and modem

Wait 5 minutes then plug printer back up

Reset wireless network settings to factory default settings

  1. Press the Setup button.
  2. Press the right arrow until Device settings appears, then press OK.
  3. Press the right arrow until Reset setting appears, then press OK.
  4. Press the right arrow until LAN settings appears, then press OK.
  5. Press the left arrow to select Yes, then press OK.

Download your printer Driver CD

(If you don’t have it, you can get it free in Canon website. Search your product and download)

Be sure to use a USB cord and you can print now!

If you have a Mac go in system preference>printers and scanners> delete the printer by clicking it and press “-“ (minus) button (because it’s looking for wireless connection) then press “+” (add) button and it will add your printer back.

I will NEVER use wireless options again. This has been a NIGHTMARE!!! Shame on you Canon!!




Thank you for posting a fix to this wholly frustrating experience. I have two MX492 printers. Bad enough they gouge customer for ink, then offer a firmware update that renders the printer useless. I just spent $80 on ink...what a waste. Time to buy from a different manufacturer after years of frustration!