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Error Codes - Secret society?


I have a 3 yo mx922 and have been searching for a list of the error codes and their meaning, w/o success. Does such an animal exist? Can anyone help please?



For example-- will changing out the printhead get rid of a b200 error for good? Or do I have to turn the printer on with the door open, disengage the inks, re-engage them, shut the door, open the front door, sing "Ave Maria", fry up some carp and then run around my neighbor's naked 3 times? Cannot someone from Canon just say WTF the code means and HTF to fix it? I have a (great) printer I have not been able to use in almost 3 months and every printer repair shop I have spoken with tells me to just recycle it. Please help?

Error Codes:

The B200 error is highly routine and signature of Canon. Call the company at (866) 481-2569 or (732) 521-7230 and ask for a replacement print head.


Seems you found the secret list of error codes for your MX922.  


You can call Canon but I'm not sure they will give you a new print head.


Though you are welcome to ask.

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Thanks very much to both of you. Tis New Year's Eve, but will try on the weekend, or failing that, Monday. Will post back here the result. It would auger well for the New Year if they sent out a new head. Particularly since I just sprang for a new EOS M50 for his Xmas gift...