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Error Code 6A81 (print head locked) - Canon MG8120 printer


I've read some earlier exchanges on this error.  Since they're dated by almost a year I'd like to open a new thread. 


The error code display asks that the user power the printer down and then bring it back up.  The error keeps repeating.  The printhead is not able to move to the center for access.  It is locked in place.  Clearly something is preventing it from opening. 


Is there some way to manually move the printhead out of its housing?  I was thinking there might be an interlock that can be tripped, allowing me to slide it out so I can see what is going on inside the housing that is locking the printhead in place.


I love this printer and hate to start over again with a new one.



Hi Brocker.

If the print head isn't moving, resulting in the 6A81 error, first unplug the printer and check for paper jams through the back of the printer.  If the error persists when the printer is plugged back in and powered back on, you may unplug the printer and try manually moving the print head toward the center of the printer.  Press firmly down on any inks that come into reach; if you're unable to move it, then there is another obstruction and forcing the ink holder may damage the printer.


If the printer needs to be replaced, I can offer the Canon Upgrade Program, a one-time discount on the purchase of a replacement. If you're interested, more information is available through our phone-based Canon Direct agents at (866) 443-8002.


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