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Canon pixma MG 2100


I just bought this printer and it's not listed on the Canon website.

I wanted to buy extra ink for it but cannot find anyone who sells it except Walmart.

Why is it so hard to find the ink?

Will PG-240XL and CL-24XL work in this printer? I'm really having a tough time finding anything about this printer.

Thank you for your time.



Hi Dawter, thanks for posting!

We suspect you actually have the PIXMA MG2120 printer, which often appears with the the phasing "2100 Series" on the manual and packaging.  However, the official model number can be found on the unit itself, typically on or near the control panel.  If the PIXMA MG2120 is indeed your printer, the inks found at the link below will be fully compatible.

We hope this helps, and feel free to post back with any further questions!


I also have the Pixma MG 2100, at least thats what it says on the computer I have it hooked up to.  I did find the drivers and manual on this site which I juste relayed to that person.


I've owned this printer for 5 years now and its a great printer, copier, scanner.  I'm amazed how good it works for the price.  The Ink in my opinion is rather expensive.  It takes: Ink Model Number Black PG-240XXL and Black PG-240XL also Color: CL-241XL and CL-241.  Since the ink is expensive and I only use for prining in my house I use the Black Ink Only.  It can be set to take "Black Only" for printing.  

You can go here to down load drivers:


and here to down load manual: