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Canon TS6420a grid lines in print


I just purchased a Canon TS6420a last week and there are lines in my print. I have done all the cleaning options and nothing works. There are still faint grid (both horizontal and vertical lines).  Does anyone know how to fix this? I am printing on regular white paper. Thanks.



Did you try a print head alignment?

If that doesn't work, try different ink cartridges.  May be the starter cartridges are a little dry.

Could you also upload a photo of what it's doing?

To make sure, I'm going to take it that it's not a feed problem and it's not breaking apart lines that way.  My previous TR4522 did that.  I now have a TR7022a.  It's similar to yours, but has top feed scanner.


 I have tried all the basic cleaning and alignment features on the printer.  It does not appear to be a feed problem.  It’s looks to me like there’s some overlap in the print and is making those spots darker. Thanks for any thoughts! 

Thanks for uploading the photo.  I was thinking you were getting faint blank lines breaking the image apart.

You did good troubleshooting steps.  I'd try different ink cartridges.  May be reinstall the ones you have first, though I'm doubtful on that one.

If the printer still does that with different ink cartridges, I'd pursue as a warranty issue or trade the printer.

You might also find some ideas here if you haven't Googled already.  I noticed some videos show up.  I also noticed some of it is was you tried already.

Ok, thank you! 

You're welcome.  : )

My link was edited out by a moderator.  I Googled "canon ts6420a adding faint lines on paper."


Did you ever resolve the lines in your prints problem?  I just purchased a Canon Prograf Pro-1000 and I am getting the same faint lines on each print I run???? Going to tear my hair out!!!

Are you using draft, standard, or high quality print; and by any chance have you tried switching inbetween those?


Hi, just got my printer yesterday and having the same problem as well as color being washed out. After hours of messing around it seems like windows photos was the problem. I opened the picture with one photo viewer (an alternative app to view photos) and then right clicked to print and the lines are gone. Go back to printing using windows photos and it is back. windows photoswindows photosOne Photo ViewerOne Photo Viewer