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Canon TS6351 Printer: Set up helper tool will not install on My MacbookPro


I am currently trying to install the set up helper tool for my TS6531 printer on my Macbook Pro. Following the instructions I get to a pop-up screen headed "Setup" which requires me to enter my password so that Setup can install the helper tool. But at that point the Setup icon shows "Application not responding" and I have the coloured disc turning.

I have tried all possible alternative procedures, using wi-fi and direct cable connection of the printer to the Macbook, but in Systems Preferences the Printers and Scanners does not identify the printer.

I should add that we have a second TS6531 which my wife uses and I successfully managed to connect to that one many months ago.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.



"Canon TS6531 Printer: Set up helper tool"

I don't see a listing for a Canon printer model TS6531?

Might it be the TS6351?

I've also not seen a "Set up helper tool"

Can you please provide a link to this software.



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Indeed, my apologies, it is the TS6351

The helper tool is for all TS6300 printers, mac-ts6300-1_0-mcd(3).dmg When I googled Canon Printers this was the software I was directed to.