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Canon Pixma ix6820 Printing blue instead of black


I use my ix6820 to print fine art prints at home, and have been printing from my one printer for a little over 4 years. After a short break, my printer is not printing pure black, even with the test print looking normal. I replaced the black ink cartridges, and still no help. 

Its like it blows out the black, and starts printing a light cyan instead. All of the true blacks have some cyan tone to it, regardless of the paper type. 

I cleaned the printer head digitally, but still nothing. Help appreciated!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi miloe456,

Please load plain paper into your PIXMA iX6820 and turn your PIXMA iX6820 on.

Please press and hold the RESUME/CANCEL button down, then release the button when the POWER lamp flashes white 2 times.

The RESUME button is the middle button.

Please compare your printout with the example below.

On the page that printed, did a black grid print to the right of |PGBK| ?

Below that, did 3 blue, 3 pink, 1 yellow and 1 gray bars print?

Please open the cover to your PIXMA iX6820.  From left to right, what ink tanks are installed?  Please provide all text on each label of all ink tanks.

iX6820 Nozzle Check.jpg






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Hi Patrick, 

Yes, the test print came out normal, and the ink tanks are installed correctly matching the colors on the printer


What version of Windows or MacOs are you running? Have you tried removing and reinstalling the printer drivers? 

We look forward to your reply. 


I am having the same issue. All inks are correctly installed with a perfect test pattern print, but when I print from my Macbook Pro (matte photo paper, best quality) the blacks come out as cyan with patchy black bits. This printer has only been in service for a couple of months. Can anyone assist?

I'm having the same issue from my Macbook Pro. Let's hope someone answers!


Please print a nozzle check from your printer and then attach a copy of it to your reply. This will help us narrow down the issue. 

We look forward to your reply. 


We were able to fix this issue by making extra air holes in the black (not photo black) cartridge. It's now printing fine. I hope this helps!

Can I ask where you made these air holes?