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Canon Pixma TR8620a Scanner cannot see macbook pro via USB


USB to Macbook. Most current Ventura. Scanner used to work. Now, after a flurry of Apple Ventura updates, the scanner does not scan. I select scan to PC, then it shows local, but cannot see the MacBook Pro.

I downloaded and installed all updates from 10.5.23.

I also note that in the prefs printer/scanner window, the printers to choose select form are the MFR from my use of an a no longer used/connected Canon Laser Printer, and there is no way to delete those. Is there a pref file in the library that needs to be deleted so the new printer can register with the Macbook?


Any clues? Thanks



Correction. In the system printer prefs, the tr8620a is selected. But in the Canon scanner utility, shows it is still connected to a former Canon MFR ImnageClass Laser printer. There seems to be no way to remove it unless it is the delete som pref file. The scanner utility shows this nasty message

Cannot communicate with any of the scanners.

The scanners may not be connected, or may be turned off.

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