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Canon Pixma MG7520 Only 1 year old. Orange light of death?


I was printing photos and noticed the color was a little off so I checked my ink and replaced the black (it was getting low). After I closed the door the printer shut off. I couldn't get it to come on. I noticed the orange light on the right hand corner was on. Opening the ink door again the cassette carriage had not moved. I have changed outlets. Nothing gets any response from the printer except the dang orange light. I can't find any troubleshoooting answers for this... anyone experience a similar issue? Thanks!



I've had this printer for 18 months and the same thing just happened to me. The orange triangle with the lightning bolt comes on when the printer is plugged in. The white light above the power button is on, but the printer is otherwise dead. I haven't used the printer that often in the past year, and just replaced the original ink cartridges last week. It seems like this is a wide spread problem with Canon Pixma printers. I've seen tons of complaints about printers dieing around the year to 2 year mark AFTER the warranty expires. I sure wish I could get into the class action law-suit.