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Canon Pixma MG2500 will not print -- error message Support 5B00


The printer gives me an error message saying, "Support 5B00 A Printer Error has occurred.  See the manual and contact the service center.  The Green light and the alarm light alternately blink.

I changed both cartridges.  I even tried to clean the print head/cartridge area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

I'm still getting this same error message.  What can I do?

What can I do?

When I checked the manual,



This error typically indicates the Waste Ink Collection Pad is full.  This is not a user replaceable part.  If you have a printer repair shop nearby you can investigate repair.  If you do not, the cost to repair, and ship will exceed the replacement cost.  My recommendation: its time for a new printer.

Bay Area - CA

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Thank you for replying.  I'll investigate with a repair shop first.

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