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Canon Pixma G2411 Black Ink error


Whoever can assist here would be a miracle worker. I have a Canon Pixma G2411. I was printing some pages on normal paper (which I always have), with a black background. There were a couple lighter streaks in the black, but barely visible. A week later, I tried printing and it is now leaving completely blank white lines. 

I have done every single cleaning procedure that the assistant tool has to offer, and multiple times. I have manually cleaned the cartridge/printhead by soaking and doing the paper towel method (which I'm an expert with from my HP printer)..sadly to no avail. 

I have checked and wiped down the timing strip, no grease messed there. 

My sister has the same printer and her printhead/cartridge works fine in my printer, but mine is leaving blank lines in hers. So I have definitely boiled it down to being the printhead/cartridge. The replacement cartridge is extremely expensive to replace in South Africa, not as expensive as a new printer, but still doesn't seem reasonably priced. There are no visible differences or defects on mine versus hers. I can run it along paper towel and the black line is clear as can be, no blotching, no additional ink, just a perfectly straight black line of ink. Am I missing something? Or do I need to get a new printhead? 

I have tried printing a purge page, and the nozzle check so many times, even tried just printing a full black page, everyone is playing their part but black is choosing violence... I have attached an image of the sorcery I'm dealing with.  

To add, it's like this when I print on standard quality, but on fine quality it prints in full, but its got tiny white lines and looks like it uses less black, more of a dark grey colour. 





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