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Canon MX700 error message that the cover is open but it isnt tried opening and closing it but nothin


Canon MX700 is getting error message that the cover is open when I print but it isnt open & I tried opening and closing it but nothing works.

What can I try?



Hi LizBizInc,


If you have already verified that the cover is closed as illustrated here and the printer is still displaying the error, please turn off the printer, unplug the power cord from the back and leave it out for at least 10 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it back on.  If the error persists, the printer will require servicing; please call or email us using one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.

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so i tried unplugging it, waited 10 minutes and it still said cover open with the alarm light on. any info on what i should do?

and where would the make and model # be on my printer

we found the only way to stop this to put a heavy weight on the top if the printer. There must be a fault in the connection of the plastic lugs on the cartridge compartment lid that drop into holes in the top of the printer. If you press these down, the messages stop and it works! We now have a stack of books sitting in top of 3 printers all with the same fault.


I had the error and tried everything that was suggested...finally uninstalled printer driver and reinstalled and it works like a charm and not getting the error.


myself facing same problem in pixm 457 series....cover open support code 1200 & 1202 shows....any solution plz


Same thing is happening to my MG4250.  It is very frustrating.