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Canon Ivy mini photo printer


Can someone please help me find the answer to why my brand new Ivy mini printer is suddenly no longer working? I purchased it from Best Buy on Sept 1st, its worked great with zero problems up until today. Now, the white light just blinks and never prints. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app, unpaired & repaired with my Bluetooth, emptied the que, etc. Still just blinks. I've put in a new paper pack and the blue page will come out but nothing else. Its **bleep** near impossible to find a solution online, get any kind of help from Canon, so this is my last hope before I trash it. 🤷‍♀️ 






- purchased the Ivy mini printer on Sept. 1st, 2020

- its worked flawlessly until today, Oct. 15th, 2020 (thats LESS THAN 2 MOS!)

- now, all it does is blink white. Nothing else. 

- I've uninstalled & reinstalled the app

- I've unpaired & re-paired with my Bluetooth

- I've cleared the que

- blue sheet comes out but nothing will print.


I get nada. Nothing. Zip. For literally no reason at all. 


Attempting to find a single answer to anything that has to do with the Ivy mini printer is nearly impossible. If this doesn't work I'm trashing it and never buying or recommending another Canon product again. This was my second Canon purchase, and the second time a product was basically useless after less than a year. 

Hi J!


The Canon Community Forum is not intended for immediate support from Canon, but rather, for other Canon users like you to assist where they can. If a fellow Canon user is not able to assist in a timely manner we also have Product Experts who will step in to assist. 


If you're in need of immediate support, please visit your My Canon Account to view how to get in touch with us directly:


Thanks for posting! 

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