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Cannot print from rear tray TS6420


When I try to print from the rear tray, the printer ignores the paper I have loaded in the rear tray (a single sheet of semi gloss paper) and instead prints from the main tray.


I have confirmed that the TS6420 supports the semi gloss paper that I am using. It actually printed correctly one time from the rear tray, but now for some reason no longer feeds from the rear tray.


When I load the semi gloss paper and close the rear cover, the display confirms that the printer recognizes the paper type (semi gloss) is loaded and that it is in the rear tray. When I print, however, the printer seems to have forgotten this informaton and pulls paper from the main tray.


Any suggestions?




What program or application are you printing from?


When this happens, it is often because the settings in the program or application you are printing from differs from the settings in the printer driver. 

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Hi Rick. I think you solved it.


I was printing directly from a graphics software product named Affinity Designer. However, you gave me the idea to first export my design from Affinity Designer to a PDF file, then to print the PDF using the Mac Preview app. That worked!


Thanks for responding to my post. You saved the day!