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Cannon Pixma 2522 Cannot preceed over printer connection page

New Contributor

I tried to setup printer on win11 and never able to preceed over printer connection page.


I exactly followed the instructions and restarted the computer and reconnect the printer and turn on when the installation ask for. But it stuck on the printer connection page and it shows "detect the printer and wait for the installation" and aftre 10 mins it shows the "printer not detected".




New Contributor

I've had the same problem. Wasted much time. You think Canon cares? I  thought so at first but your unanswered question is a good indication of the level of customer sevice. The  solution? Do NOT use the software for setup. Instead, go to their driver download page with the individual driver files. Download MP Drivers file for sure. When its done downloading, go to saved file and open ti . It should install the driver and your printer should be functional. You can do the same procedure for any of the other files they have for customers (My Image Garden, My Printer, etc). Hope this helps.



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New Contributor
You don't think this person needed assistance when she wrote this? Its been a week and no one has given her an answer. I will be deleting my account from community AND deleting my account for Canon AND I will NEVER use another Canon product again. Is that better. Instead of blasting me for helping, why dont you scour the internet trying to look up how to factory reset an MG2522 and discover how much misinformation there is about it! I went to three different websites and and they all had incorrect info. They claimed the mg2522 had a display and that it is wireless. Both of which are untrue and misleading. Im done with Canon after your remark. Good day to you!