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Can't register TS6420a printer.


Hello community. I'm coming to Canon from a disasterous HP experience, but now I can't register this new Canon printer due to an error message I'm getting, which I've seen several others have experienced on here before:

The serial number you have entered is invalid for one or more reasons:

1) The serial number does not match the product you have selected (FCC ID which starts with "AZD" is often mistaken for serial number.


2) The serial number entered indicates this product was not intended for sale in the United States and is ineligible for registration and support in the U.S.

Please verify your product model and serial number to ensure they were entered correctly.

I saw one older message reply that there's a chat box to speak with a representative but it was an old link and I can't find the chat box mentioned. Since I can't register, I can't get in touch with Canon through their website.

What should I do now? Nobody else from this seller seems to have had this problem so I'm wondering what to do next. The printer does work fine, but having no support from Canon in the future worries me!




Product Expert
Product Expert


What are the first 4 letters of the serial number on your printer? 

We look forward to your reply. 

Hello and thank you for responding!
The first four are: KNRP

I purchased this from Amazon. It works just fine but I really would like to register it with Canon. It worries me a bit that I can't!

Any advice on how to procede from here? TIA! 


ArthurJ should be able to tell you if your printer was intended for sale in the country where you reside.  

Here is a list of Canon Authorized Dealers as of 9-20-2023

If the seller is not on the list you may have been sold a grey market item.  These are illegally imported items which are intended for sale in another region.  He can confirm based on the serial number..  If its grey market, you should have grounds for a return.  

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