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Blocked with TIFF format when sending




I've been stuck with a little problem for 2 days.

My printer is the CANON ir1024if multifunctions.


When I want to send something by e-mail I can't choose another format than the TIFF one.


The weird thing is that I have two of them, they have exactly the same parameters and with the other one I can choose PDF.

And even weirder, if I don't choose an e-mail adress I can change the format to PDF and then choose an e-mail address and it works this way....

I also know that TIFF is forced with an "I-FAX address" (read it from the manual) but my adresses are just e-mail addresses exactly the same that the other one so does somebody know how can I change the "format" of my e-mail addresses ?


Thank you in advance


Kind regards


Hello Splawinski, thanks for posting.  Canon does not provide direct support for imageRUNNER series products, but your dealer will be able to help you!  If you don't have a dealer, please call us at 1-800-OKCANON (652-2666) and we will be happy to provide dealers who are in your area.



I just wanted some ideas but it's ok i took care of it 🙂

It was the address contacts that were not in a good format I reimport the addresses from the other multifunctions and that's it !

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