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Better printer driver for Mac OSX for PIXMA G620?


Hi -

I recently purchased a PIXMA G620, primarily for the MegaTank feature and the positive reviews on photo print quality (this replaces a broken Epson Artisan 50). However, when I installed it on my MacBook Pro (USB), I found that the printer driver was unexpectedly bare-bones with respect to features - especially when compared with the Windows driver for this printer. The Windows driver enables several features that are especially useful for photo printing, including grayscale, control of the borderless overprinting amount, ability to tweak individual colors, and access to maintenance functions like nozzle cleaning and test page printing. On the Mac some of these features are not available at all, and others are only available through the "Remote UI" web interface - which is disappointing and challenging to the ease of use and capabilities of the printer on Mac - especially for photo printing, which is my primary use case.

The few test prints I've made (after struggling with some unexpected borderless printing cropping) seem to have great color fidelity, but I feel like I'm not getting the full intended use of the printer on Mac that I would have if I were a Windows user.

I was also expecting the ability to "turn off printer color management" to be able to let "Photoshop Manage Color" (my prior workflow with Epson) but it seems the G620 doesn't support this on either Mac or Windows.

Are there any other options (or plans) for a Mac printer driver for the G620? A more fully-functional Mac printer driver would make this printer amazing.

Thank you,

- Chris



I also purchased the Canon G620 printed and find out that it does not come with ICC profiles, so I can't print pictures the same way I was printing on Canon TS9020. I don't understand why Canon has decided not to ship ICC profiles for different paper types. They have been doing that for years, this is my like 4th Canon printer. I am very upset about this.


I'm still upset about the lack of a color management-/profile-supporting driver on OS X. Maybe it was a bad assumption on my part, but until now every photo-capable printer I've ever used has had a driver that supported color management and profiles on OS X - even 10-year-old printers that cost less than the G620. This lack of solid driver support was not apparent from any of the product content on the web; I eventually found it deep in the product manual (which I guess I should have read before purchase), and on a couple online reviews.

It's a really nice printer aside from the lack of OS X driver support for color management and profiles.


I'm using Indesign on a Mac with the G620 and there's color management and options for color management.

Hello Telltale, could you elaborate? what is "Indesing", how are you handling the color management? 


Hi--While I can speak to the printer driver on a Mac OS (I use my 620 on a Windows PC), I can confirm the ability to turn off the printer color management features using the Windows driver.  I am responding to "I was also expecting the ability to "turn off printer color management" to be able to let "Photoshop Manage Color" (my prior workflow with Epson) but it seems the G620 doesn't support this on either Mac or Windows."

In the "Main" tab of the Printing Preferences window, under Color/Intensity, click the radio button to choose "Manual" and then click "Set".  Then under the "Matching" tab, choose "None" under "Color Correction".  This disables the printer from applying any corrections and allows Photoshop or whatever you're using to manage the color.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer. Do you have any icc for Mac for this printer? I am no able to create one. I really appreciate if you can share them in any place 


Since this thread has been resurrected, I'll throw my hat in. @Schelbin, InDesign is an Adobe product.  

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