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wired tethered shooting on an Android


I've been searching for an app that I can do wired tethered shooting on an Android phone or tablet with my Canon camera.

I was told (even by Canon support) that Canon didn't work with anything but EOS Utility running on either Windows or Apple.


Well, I found an app called Camera Connect and Control that works on both my Android phone and Android tablet, and works with my Canon T8i (850D).


It's a free 3-day trial, and costs $9.99 to purchase. The developer says, “The purchase is linked to your Google account. If you use the same account on your other device you can use all purchases.”

It supports both a Wifi connection, as well as a USB connection. I didn't try the Wifi, since I already have Canon's Camera Connect.


 Photos are stored on your camera's memory card, that you can then download. It will do both still photos and video.


I got the app from Google’s Play Store.


Steve Thomas