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Did you mean: Not Allowing 2 M200 cameras on the same account?


We have 3 canon cameras that we want to tie to our account.


EOS M6 Mark II

EOS M200

EOS M200


It appears when I add the second M200, the other M200 gets into a bad state. "Err 135 web service settings have been changed."


FAQ says there shouldn't be any limitations, but it appears there's some kind of issue with this.


I assume maybe it's searching for "Canon EOS M200" and modifying the existing entry.


I've added AZ and UT to the names to differentiate, but it doesn't seem to help. The existing EOS M200 entry seemingly gets overwritten when another M200 is added.


Screenshot 2021-05-26 114212.png 



Hello carlom_iptech,

Unfortunately, there has been no further word from engineering on what is happening in your case. I do want to ask that you check to make sure that you all have set to agree for cookies from the settings page. When logged in, click the 3 dots in the top right corner and then Settings in the bar that comes up down that right side. Make sure that the slider for cookies is to the right side and the tab should be green at this point if set properly. I am forwarding the issue along to our engineering team once again for follow up. 

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