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Did you mean: Not Allowing 2 M200 cameras on the same account?


We have 3 canon cameras that we want to tie to our account.


EOS M6 Mark II

EOS M200

EOS M200


It appears when I add the second M200, the other M200 gets into a bad state. "Err 135 web service settings have been changed."


FAQ says there shouldn't be any limitations, but it appears there's some kind of issue with this.


I assume maybe it's searching for "Canon EOS M200" and modifying the existing entry.


I've added AZ and UT to the names to differentiate, but it doesn't seem to help. The existing EOS M200 entry seemingly gets overwritten when another M200 is added.


Screenshot 2021-05-26 114212.png 




@Mark35mmF2 is there a way to get official support about this? 


Welcome to the Canon Forums!


The Forums aren't intended for immediate assistance. If your question is of an urgent nature,click HERE to visit your My Canon Account to discover your personalized support options (based on your Canon hardware).


If you're outside of the USA, please click HERE to find your support options. 

Canon email support has not been responsive so far. 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi carlom_iptech,


Thanks for checking in with us.


To help us get a better sense of what you're facing, please elaborate on the following questions:


Are you able to set up a connection with just one camera, and can you transfer images that way?


Are you able to visit and then log in and upload any image there, even from a different camera?

I have an EOS M6 Mark II setup on the account and that works without the issue for over a year. Connection remains and images upload.


I initially had an EOS M200 on the account which has been working without issues for several months. Connection remained and images uploaded.


The issue came about when I added a second EOS M200 for another office. When I added it, the first EOS M200 stopped uploading with "Err 135 web service settings have been changed." I figured maybe it was just a fluke and readded the first one. As soon as I did that, the second camera started getting "Err 135 web service settings have been changed."


I've done this about 3 times now and in adding either M200 knocks the other one off the account. It seemingly overwrites whatever M200 is already on the account.



Thanks for following up with that update. That does sound unusual, so I've sent a message to our engineers who work on the site to take a deeper look. We hope to get this resolved shortly.

Nick, can you provide an update?

Following up since I'm not getting the support I need via email.

Nick. We now have three M200's and this issue still persists. Any updates from Canon engineers?