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Webcam Utility, completely freezing a Mac for 10 seconds




Currently I'm using my m50 as a wecam. The issue I have is when I open a Chrome for a Google Meet meeting and connect my camera, after 20 seconds Chrome starts consuming all the CPU cores for 10 seconds and all the interface basically freezes, sometime I have to reconnect to the meeting because sound stops working.


I'm using MacBook Pro, 2020 with i5 processor and 16GB.


After this initial "warm-up", all works fine. It happens only when I use m50 as a webcam.


I've tried using firefox and OBS with virtual webcam plugin but the issue persists across these setups as well.

I also tried re-installing the webcam utility.


One thing I've noticed, that it happens only on 2nd or 3rd meeting and next after the restart. Basically, if I want to use my canon m50 as a webcam, I have to restart my computer before each meeting to not have freezing issues.


I mostly use Google Meet and haven't had a chance to properly test this issue with Zoom.


I've tried researching a camllink setup, but you have to turn autofocus off in order to get clean hdmi output and plug camera with micro-usb as well to avoid it powering off after 30 minutes.



Here is a link to the EOS Webcm Utility download page. 


Google Meet does not appear to be listed as being aupported.  I think OBS is supported, but I question whether or not using a Firefox plug-in for OBS is also supported.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you for the reply, on a page you've linked they mention Hangouts and Hangouts Meet.

I've tried using OBS with virual webcam plugin but the issue still exists when I connect to the Meet meeting.

So the problems start when you try to connect OBS with “Hangouts”? But, your camera connects to OBS just fine?
"The right mouse button is your friend."


Hi achempion!


Just so everyone is on the same page, which version of macOS are you currently using?

I'm using Big Sur 11.4.


It happens every time I connect to Google Meet meeting (on 2-4th meeting after the restart), especially if there is more than one participant. It doesn't matter with OBS or directly.