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Webcam Utility Streaming with multiple accepted models


Simple question: Is it possible to stream / switch scenes using EOS Webcam Utility with multiple models of accepted Canon DSLRs? I ask because I believe there are different versions of webcam utility per DSLR. Example: Would it be possible to switch scenes with a Canon EOS R and a Canon EOS T100 using the same program of EOS Webcam Utility? 



There is only one official version of the Webcam Utility v2.0.  The EOS R and T100 are both supported.

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Greetings greepordie,

Canon has released the EOS Webcam Utility Pro software which does allow users to use multiple compatible Canon cameras and allow the user to switch the video feed between each one. Please note that the option for using multiple cameras requires a monthly subscription to the service, whereas a single camera is free.

You may click on the following link to view more information about the software: