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Webcam Utility Pages not working


Hello, If anyone could help me out here that'd be great. I took a two week hiatus fro streaming and came back to find my eos webcam utility not working, and the download page is glitched. I tried reloading the page, restarting my computer, etc. with no avail. I also went to another camera's page and the same thing was happening.


They make you fill out a form before downloading the software which I understand, but on my end when that pops up I can't click anywhere - I can hit tab a bunch of times to fill out the form but I can't check the opt in/opt out questions so there's no way that I can fill the form out to completion; there's also no way for me to click the X either. Is this just happening to me or are there others that have this glitch? The regular eos utility downloaded just fine so I think it's the webcam that's causing issues. 


if someone updated the website recently it might be a coding issue but I'd like to see if there's anyway around it so that I can begin streaming again ASAP. Thanks! 



Same for me, but I googled the app name and got this download page (for mac):