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Webcam Utility Install error after update Windows 11 Build 22454


My 1DX II was not connecting to the webcam so I uninstalled the software after seeing it was no longer listed as an option as a camera driver in ZOOM. When re-installing, I got the error. This problem happened after updating to the latest Windows Build.


Can someone help? 


I have restarted the computer of course. This looks like an issue with the latest windows update.



Is it an official Windows 11 update?  Or, is it a beta testing version?  Beta software is known auto have bugs and faults.  That is the point of installing it.  Beta testing means finding the bugs.  It is not an official release.


Does the Webcam Utiltiy support Windows 11?  I do not know, but my guess is probably not.


I hope that you did not install a "beta" Operating System on your primary computer..

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Good thought. I am a part of the Windows Insider program for Win. 11 as a Dev profile. I have sent my feedback to Windows and hopefully, it is something they can help with via update. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this.

Does anyone know if and when Canon Webcam Utility will support Windows 11?