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Shutter count software


Anyone know where I can get this from Canon, rather than a random app.
I am sure I downloaded the software for my camera (1000D) (Canon gave me the link) but now cant find it.  If I do find it will that give the information I want, just curious.



To my knowledge, Canon has never supplied this software.  Shutter count can be provided if the camera is sent in for inspection or cleaning.

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There are apps to do that. I wondered if the camera software would show it, no idea why it wouldn't as useful info.Search for canon eos shutter count.  Annoying Canon abandon older cameras allowing updates but not downloads ??  There are probably more older cameras without CD software than there are new ones so why not make it available.

I have bought a used camera, there were two (7Ds) same price one with 12k count and one with 10k count.  I wanted the 10k one as the noted no scratches on lcd etc, want to make sure they sed the right one.  Sure they will but just an integrity test I guess 🙂

Most of those apps were written a decade ago and may only work on decade old cameras.

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No worries, same age as my cameras 😀  1000D and 7D  That said may make it safer than some as now defunct and unloved so nothing dodgy with it.  
(agree on the right mouse button 🙂 )

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