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Problem with EOS utility Autoupdate services and SSL certificate




I have an EOS750D and normally you can send pictures through the WIFI but you need to register for some services and you do that with the Web services registration tool.

There is an auto update service that needs to run but mine is crashing as it is not starting directly the software. Then it cannot update the SSL certificate.


Does it sound familiar to anyone and what should I do to make it work again ?


Thanks in advance for your help ?


Heph51SSL certificate.jpgAuto update service.jpg


Hi dpartonginno,

did You find a solution ?

No I didn't and I have moved to a MacBook since and the issue persists on that to, so clearly nothing to do with the OS and everything to do with Canon and the Camera.

I now pull the images off the camera directly via Adobe Lightroom.

However, since changing my phone to a google pixel 6 pro I can no longer access the mobile functions like timer, download etc via the app ... seems the camera firmware is way out of date and unlikely to be updated anytime soon.

Let me know if you find anything 

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