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I use a MacBook Pro and started out storing my photos/library for quick access in iphoto then Aperture and also used Aperture to edit photos. Then I upgraded to Lightroom and Photoshop to efit but still kept photos in aperture. Liked the way it grouped photos and ease of use. I have since upgraded op system on Mac and now have Photos to store/library photos but still use Lightroon and PS to edit. I hate Photos, Will not go into all the ways this app sucks.Apple really dropped the ball on this one.

I use a 6D and 80D what apps does anybody recomend to store/library photos? Is the Canon download worth installing and using or storing or Lightroom? Thanks everybody.



Aperture is (was) a "Digital Asset Manager" (DAM) product in addition to being a RAW workflow tool for editing.


Lightroom is also a DAM product.  Also they have a tool that will import your Aperture library and will convert Aperture "Projects" into equivalent Lightroom "Collectins".  The downside is that it doesn't know how to pick up the adjustments you've made (so you get your original RAWs moved... minus whatever adjustments you made.)


I liked Aperture's DAM capabilities a little more than Lightroom's capabilities.  I was also very disappointed that Apple chose not to continue developing and supporting Aperture. 


One caution about Lightroom... it will offer to let you convert and save your files as Adobe ".DNG"... which I do not recommend.  While Adobe has submitted the DNG file format for anyone to use... nobody seems to have any interest in using it other than Adobe.  As such once you convert files to DNG, your locked into Adobe because I don't think any other software can open those files.




Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I still use iPhoto.


And Photos is not *that* bad. It still needs to grow a bit.


I use Photos, and generally am OK with it, or at least don't hate it. My main complaint with it is that it won't play nice with Canon's DPP (can't use DPP as an external editor from within Photos, instead you have to export the RAW file from Photos, edit it with DPP, then re-import the TIFF or JPG or whatever you saved the edited image as. Not a huge hassle, but still, a hassle.).


If you have a lot of photos in iPhoto and Aperture, you might want to consider Power Photos from Fat Cat Software. I haven't used it, but a lot of other Mac users who wanted to migrate iPhoto and Aperture libraries and better navigate their Photos collections have, and seem to like it.  Just one note of caution - Apple issued a support document warning against using certain third-party apps to manage the Photos library, although I think that was aimed more at junkware like MacSweeper and CleanMyMac than Power Photos.  A discussion about that issue is on the Apple Photos support forum.