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M50 Mark II with 1.0.4 Firmware


Hi Canon Community,

I recently purchased a Canon M50 Mark II and it comes with 1.0.4 firmware.  I noticed that Canon US has up to the firmware 1.0.3.  How it this possible? I did my research and it looks like that firmware exists in SouthEast Asia?   I have heard that this happened to other people even when they purchased from a certified dealer.  Please, anyone, I need help to make my camera work.   It is not being read by my Mac M1.  Can I downgrade to 1.0.3?  How can I solve this issue, I will mainly use the camera for livestreaming, using it as a webcam.  Please help.  THANK YOU!



I have 3 M50 mkii s--2 of them are 1.0.3  and one (a refurb from Canon) came with 1.0.4- The 1.0.4 can not connect to the blue tooth remote because the remote menu item normally coupled with the 2 sec. self timer menu option under drive mode does not exist  on the 1.0.4 camera. When this weird firmware version excludes menu items that are essential for camera functions-It has to go back. This just isn't right. probably would have missed this if I didn't already own two M50/2 cameras


I recently purchased this camera and it came with the unreleased firmware 1.0.4. I couldn't use the camera as intended because of this issue. I hope Canon resolves this.

What issues are you having because of the installed firmware? 

It can't be detected by other applications. I wish the choice to update the firmware was given to the consumers. I can't return this camera so I hope Canon release this new firmware so that the computer drivers are also updated.