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Live Streaming Content with R5 and 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens



I'm wondering if there are any solutions to live stream content with R5 and 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens.  If so, what does that workflow look like?  I understand using the canon software to create VR content, but I'm specifically looking to stream a live event in real time using an R5 or R5c using the 5.2mm L Dual fisheye Lens.  Thanks for the help!


We know what your intent is.  The combo is not designed for live streaming.  The images must be post processed, which cannot be done at real time.

BTW, your internet etiquette is atrocious. Not only havey have totally hijacked someone’s thread, but you have ignited a flame war in the process.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Internet etiquette?  Flame war?  That's awefully dramatic.  I don't think anyone who's responded has a clue as to what my intent is for wanting to livestream.  All I've received is arguments why it is unfeasable or unecessarry.  The responses are way too common from people offering unhelpful advice to up their message board cred instead of actually answering questions.  I work in computer vision and XR so I know what's possible.  The only limitations here are technical one's driven by market demand, not technical hurdles due to processing power.  If I had a way to access a 8K realtime dualfisheye feed I can guarantee that I have more than enough processing power in a single gpu to process the image in realtime as required for my purposes.  3D stitching is far from rocket science and with two side by side images landing on a single sensor the overhead for live stitching is even less.  I'd rather get no answers at all instead usless responses from people who don't really understand what they are talking about.  I'm not intending to be rude here, just matter of fact.  That said, I've found a much better solution for my purposes using  a 10+ year old 3D lens and a non-canon camera all costing me less than $1,000.  So on the bright side I made out not getting any useful reponses to my questions. This is one of the few times I can happily say thanks for nothing 😄


It would be amazing if Canon and Meta could get together and at least make live preview happen (which could lead to livestreaming) via a USB tether between Quest 2 and the R5. The most difficult thing with VR is framing a shot. Camera placement with VR is a huge deal if you are trying to make something cinematic. Right now, it's at least the next day before we can see how our shot looks in VR. A director needs to at be able to see what a shot looks like on set...I'm sure quest 2 has the horsepower to do equirectangular projection. Doesn't need to be 29.97...even just previewing with stills would be a huge improvement. Right now it's like we're shooting with an old school camera onto glass plates and you don't even have a viewfinder. My method works with both the quest and the PICO 4. Although it does seem to be better with the full color pass through of the Pico. Plus with the Pico you can disable the guardian and the tap through pass through still works. With the quest 2 you have to keep the guardian on otherwise the pass-through doesn't work. So it can be done and it works great.

Good hack for monitoring your shoots.  I was looking for a way to get a quality livestream, but I've since gone another route with a non-canon camera and 3D lens.  A fisheye lense setup is overkill for my use case anyway...


The problem is not the live streaming per se. That part is very simple HDMI out into a converter and into your PC and use obs. The problem is that the vr180 is not on warped and so you're going to get 2 big fish eyes. Plus where do you want a live stream to? YouTube no longer allows everyone to livestream vr180, you have to be whitelisted by them in order to do it.


Good for you! I wish you all the best!

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