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EOS Webcam Utility not working


EOS Webcam Utility v 1.1 is not working. I´ve downloaded it and reinstalled many times, and still does not work. The source is recognised by Discord, for example, but when pluging the camera via USB (Rebel T7i) in video mode, nothing happens.

Discord preview

In OBS, for example, the option to choose the camera does not even appears.
The camera shows the icon as if it was only connected to download the photos to the pc.

video mode.jpg

And no, I don´t have EOS Utility installed, so "close EOS Utility" does not work for me.

I dont know if this could be something wrong with my Windows, or just the software. I´ve already used it succesfully in my laptop.

Thanks for the help. 



Make sure the camera is in movie mode, and unfold the flip screen to face forward.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

It is in movie mode, of course, and i unfolded the flip screen also.