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EOS Utility not saving images to camera media when tethered shooting


Under Windows 7 / TCP/IP I was able to save RAW files to CF2 and small JPEGs to CF1 on my 1D X and then just have the computer show the small/fast JPEG on a computer screen when shooting tethered.


Under Windows 10 I've not been able to get TCP/IP working, so I've resorted to using a USB connection to the computer.


This is working fine - except that no matter what I tell the camera to do (ie write RAW to one card and JPEG to the other) it just transfers one or the other to the computer and doesn't store anything on the card.


This workflow just doesn't work for me (it's too slow transferring RAW files). Is there any way to tell the EOS utility to just COPY the file from the camera when shooting tethered so that they're all still on the CF cards like they used to be?


Many thanks.