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EOS Utility 3.13.10 for Windows can't pair WFT-E4 and WFT-E7 via LAN.


Anyone have issue use LAN with WFT-7A or WFT-4A on EOS Utility 3.13.10 (WIN 10) remote shooting. It was work on 3.12.30. After upgrade to 3.13.10, I can't pair to WFT on LAN, WIFI still enable pair and remote shoot. I reinstall 3.12.30. it  work again. 





WFT-E4 or E7.  Older hardware at this point, although I noted that support for the EOS R was added in the latest firmware update.  Updating the firmware (if applicable) could help, but I wouldn't bother if it works under 3.12.30.  I'd stick with that.


EOS Utility updates are usually provided to add support for newer cameras.  You don't need the latest version for your 5D3.

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I believe it is bug on new version EOS Utility. I am use 5D4 and 7D2 on WFT-E7A NOW. both cameras are the latest firmware.  And WFT-E7A on lastest firmware too. I plan run on R later. Then swith to R5 with WFT-R10  My job is special request LAN connected to camera on remote site.

Anyone test on WFT-E8, E9 and R10 LAN port on EOS Utility 3.13.xx version? It may have same issue. 

If Canon don't try fix the issue. I may find other soultion. example USB over IP. WFT-E7 still runing USB 2 speed, not good for RAW file. 

There are only user forums, not Canon Support.  I suggest that you contact Canon Support directly regarding your issue.

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