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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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I have also registered just to say that an app for Nokia Lumia series would be very nice , it would be very nice to test it on Canon 70D.


Well, add me to the list of WP8 (Lumia 920) users who would like the Canon EOS Remote ported to my choice of mobile operating system. This can't exactly be a Herculean feat for Canon's software team, but I do understand their possible skepticism about the size of the market. Yes, we're not a very big crowd, but we're groowing in number. Plus, we're good customers and not as well served by other apps connected to other companies' camera systems; we'd likely go to, or stick with, Canon if they threw us WP8 people a crumb with EOS Remote. Think about it.


Add me to the list of people signing up for the Canon forums just to register my desire for a remote app. It would certainly go down as a pro for purchasing a 70D vs. the T5i.

Please, Eos remote for Windows phone 8

Let me join the group of people who joined the forum to ask for Windows Phone support.


I know keeping a software current on several platforms is a lot of hassle, but having at least the basic functions available in WP would be a great help.

Me too I think more users will be moving to windows phone 8 the sooner you release the eos remote app for windows phone the sooner you will increase your sales


i just registered too, to ask Canon to make an app for Windows Phone 8. i'm considering to buy Canon 70D and I have Windows Phone. Please Canon, support Windows Phone 8!


I too have created this account to post here that Canon really needs to develop their app for Winidows.  Just got a surfface and would like to use my camera with it instead of my iPhone.  Bad enough you introduced the Rebel T5i without WiFi, Nikon is kicking your butt in this technology.  Working at a camera store I've used both apps and the Canon app is superior but Nikon has more than a half-dozen DSLRs that work with it.  Windows mobile is a growing market - get on the ball, Canon.


Yes, it's time for a Windows phone app - the phone is a winner and won't be going away.

I jut got a 6D, and while the ipad is nice and showy in front of clients - the phone would actually get used a lot more.


GoPro already has their app available for Windows 8 Phone - I'd hate to think a tiny little company like that has beaten Canon to a release! Cat Tongue

I've just registered to request the EOS Remote app for Windows Phone and Windows RT and WIndows 8!

I was planning on buying a Canon EOS 6D in the very near future but I am hesitating a lot because I am a Windows Phone and WIndows Surface RT user without the intention to quit for Android or iOS.

I would like to be able to use these very interesting features from my phone and tablet. Without that, I'm not sure to go for the 6D...


Thank you Canon to listen to your users and release this app soon!