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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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Its about time we have an app for Windows Phone. Did Canon freeze on time?


Hello! I have a Canon 70D, I love this camera, however have a lumia 930 with Windows Phone, I would love to be able to use the wifi of the camera with my cell phone, so the question to the Canon is: When will be available the app EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8.1 or will be available at 10. No more, thank you.


CANON! Are you aware of this forum??
If so, can you please answer our questions. Are you planing to release an app for WP. Or if you are not, please let us know that as well.



I'm adding my voice to those who registered just to leave a comment requesting Windows device development.


The reason I'm saying "device" instead of phone is because the Windows store now transcends the phones and extends to any device with store access.


This includes not only every Windows Phone but also the 100 million PC's that have downloaded Windows 10 as their OS.


Full disclosure I have an iPhone and have used the TWO apps available in the Apple store. They are clean, convenient, and intuitive for Photographers on the go. UNfortunately the screen on iphones is hardly larger than the screen on my 6D.


If I had the choice which would I use? Apple products or Windows? I have a Surface pro 2 and Windows 10 across 4 other devices. I would use my Win10 devices. My Surface pro is the perfect mobile companion for screen size, portability, computing power and convenience for showcasing shots moments after they've been taken.


Please Canon, have someone look into the untapped market and viability of developing a single app that would be universally available for any and all Win10 devices and phones!

Good news guys!

First remote app for Canon EOS. Tested on Lumia 620 with windows 10 and 6D.

That's awesome man!


Just tested it out on my Lumia 950XL and Canon EOS 70D. Everything worked out of the box!




I am a programmer myself and would be glad to help if you don't mind sharing the source!

Thanks! It will be even more awesome very soon:)

This is indeed welcome news. Why is it that Canon does not provide software for the windows phone?

Just tried the DSRL Windows app on my Canon EOS M3 and my windows lumia 650 duel would not recognize the camera Wifi.

Apparently, the M3 control algorithm is different from those of digital SLR cameras EOS family. I received confirmation of successful work for the following models: 750D, 760D, 70D, 80D, 6D, 5Dmk4. Unfortunately, I do not have an arsenal of equipment for development (only 6D) in the near future I will not be able to solve the problem with the M3. I can try to do this without the M3, but I need your help to catch the wifi network traffic between the laptop and the M3, this would require Wireshark and Canon EOS Utility. Hopefully, the differences in the minor arrangements. If you have the opportunity, please contact me for detailed instructions.
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