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EOS Rebel T8i Calling for EOS Utility


For my Canon Rebel T8i/850D camera I am trying to transfer pictures to my (new) PC. When I get to the EOS pairing connection on the camera menu and directs to "start EOS utility on the computer" I'm am confused as to what to utility to download from Canon to make that happen. Aside from that, is there another way to transfer pictures to the PC?







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Here is the link for the EOS T8i camera support page that has the EOS Utility from Canon: 

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You can transfer photo files by using a card reader to read your memory card. This is what I recommend.
You can also use a USB cable to connect the camera to your computer and use File Explorer to see the photo files and download them. 


You DO NOT NEED EOS UTILITY or ANY OTHER program to transfer file to your computer. When yo connect camera and computer, the camera shows up in Windows' File Manager, alongside your hard drive and any other drives/media that is connected. Open the camera "drive", open the DCIM folder, and VOILA!, there are your picture files. Just move them to wherever you want on the computer or other storage.


I believe the T8i uses EOS Utility 3.  You can download it from the Canon Support Page for the Rebel T8i, which I believe is linked above by 5DIV, aka Bob.

Make sure that you have a USB data cable, not a USB power/charging cable.  The Canon cable has a part number IFC-600PCU.  I strongly recommend using the Canon cable becase of the baluns built into the cable.  There is more to the cable than having the correct connector at either end of it.

White it is true that EOS Utility is not required to download files from the camera, the EOS Utility has other uses, too.  It can update the system clock in the camera, you can enter copyright information to be added to your photos, you upload lens correction profiles, and more.

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