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EOS 5D Mark IV Canon Connect remote video shooting - manual mode won't connect to iPhone


Hello! I'm shooting video from my phone and in Auto mode the app connects, but if I try to shoot in Manual the connection drops. I'm on the 5D Mark IV and using the updated version of the app (I reinstalled it on 11/29.)

I'd like to be able to adjust my settings as my image is currently too bright.

Thank you for any help!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Andrewzuber1,

There is one thing to check when this is happening. If the camera itself is still set to photo mode the Canon Camera Connect connection will drop if you try to start a movie in the app. To remotely control the camera for movie shooting the switch around the Start/Stop button needs to be set to the Movie option first. Once that is set you will be able to use the Canon Camera Connect app to remotely control video settings and start/stop recording.

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