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DPP software feature request


When using a manual only lens with no electronics, DPP does not permit one to do diffraction correction. I would guess that the only information about the lens that is needed to do a Richardson/Lucy deconvolution to correct diffraction is the F number and maybe the focal length. If the user could be prompted for that information, I expect that diffraction correction would work. Using GMIC on a command line works if one gives parameters that match the F number and the pixel pitch on the sensor. The pixel pitch on the sensor is already known by DPP.

Discussion and criticism will be welcome.





What if you did some edits to the EXIF data, starting [with] the f/stop?

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@Waddizzle wrote:

What if you did some edits to the EXIF data, starting [with] the f/stop?



7196 exiftool -LensModel='Minolta MC ROKKOR-X PG 1:1.4 f=50mm' IMG_9568.CR3
7197 exiftool -Xmp:LicensorURL='' IMG_9568.CR3
7198 exiftool -FocalLength='50' IMG_9568.CR3
7199 exiftool -FNumber='16.0' IMG_9568.CR3
7200 exiftool -LensSerialNumber='3835202' IMG_9568.CR3
7201 exiftool IMG_9568.CR3 | less -M
7202 history -30

The diffraction correction is still grayed out in DPP. I have not tried identifying this as a Canon lens and I have not modified all of the locations where F number or aperture is stored.




Here is the photo.Rudbeckia hirta in Norman, Oklahoma, United States on 17 June 2022Rudbeckia hirta in Norman, Oklahoma, United States on 17 June 2022

I made a photo with the lens cap on an EF 50mm F/1.8 STM and did the following as an experiment.

7214 cp -i IMG_9568.CR3 IMG_9568ex.CR3
7215 cp -ip /Volumes/EOS_DIGITAL/DCIM/100CANON/IMG_9569.CR3 .
7216 exiftool -tagsfromfile IMG_9569.CR3 IMG_9568ex.CR3
7217 exiftool -G0:2 IMG_9569.CR3 >> IMG_9569.exif
7218 exiftool -G0:2 IMG_9568ex.CR3 >> IMG_9568ex.exif
7219 diff IMG_9569.exif IMG_9568ex.exif | less
7220 exiftool -lensid IMG_9569.CR3 IMG_9568ex.CR3
7221 exiftool -"*apertur*" IMG_9569.CR3 IMG_9568ex.CR3

This did not make the metadata the same for the two files, but did make the lensid the same. The diffraction correction was still grayed out in DPP.

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