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Canon Rebel T6i Missing Digital Solution Disk


We have the Canon Rebel T6i, but have misplaced the Digital Solution Disk.  Where/how can we get another disk so we can get our photos from the camera to the computer??  



You can get the latest versions of all software and manuals for your T6i here: Support | DSLR | EOS Rebel T6i | Canon USA

But you do not need any software to download the images from your camera. Just use an SD card reader. Faster and more reliable.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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I have the same problem and have tried putting the SD card directly into my computer and have also tried connecting my camera to my computer by the provided cord, but my computer doesn't give me access to either. I thought the problem would be solved by downloading the content provided with the camera, but you're saying that might not be the case? Do you know why my computer wouldn't show the camera when i plug it in? 

You should start your own topic, but tell us what computer you have.


Or, if you have a Mac, ImageCapture works just fine.


you don't necessarily need special software to load images from your camera to your Mac.  If you have an SD card slot  then simply take the card out of the camera and plug it in.  The software should see it as a drive.  If you don't have such a slot, then consider getting an adapter - sometimes the simplest is the most reliable and elegant.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Card reader as mentioned. I discovered a card slot in my Dell laptop...after having the laptop for a few years. Fire up the Dell, insert and follow the download.

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You DO NOT NEED any software just to download photos from camera to computer. Connecting them with the USB cable should mount the camera as a drive, either in Windows' File Explorer , or on Mac or Linux as a drive on the desktop.  Then you open the drive, open the DCIM folder, and drag/move/copy the files to wherever you want on the computer.

Have you tried more than one USB port on the computer? Is there another computer you can try? Do you have another USB A-to-Mini B cable? There is nothing special about the cable Canon provides.

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