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Canon G7X remote shooting options



I am able to remote shoot with the G7X mark iii, using the iPhone app, but I want to be able to do it with my computer.

There is a button named 'Remote Shooting' in Digital Photo Professional 4, but when clicked it says `eos utility` is not installed. But however EOS utility, does not support G7X mark iii.

I know the camera can be commanded with ios/android app, and the bluetooth device, but I need to use my camera in a lightbox setting where I can a. remotely setup/trigger the camera, b. access the photos without touching the camera or the memory card.

The iphone app can do it, so there must be a way to do it with the computer right?

Any help / ideas / recomendations greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Can Altineller







Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control is the remote shooting accessory for the camera. The BR-E1 Manual tells what it can do:

The control app for this camera and Windows is Digital Camera Software 7.2 (Windows) or CameraWindow DC for Mac. Download from Canon Support.




I understand the BR-E1 is a bluetooth tool, but I would like to control the camera from a windows computer.

Both Digital Camera Software 7.2 and Camera Image Window DC 8.0 failed. saying that Canon G7X is not supported. These softwares are out of date.

Meanwhile canon eos webcam utility, does connect to the camera, but is unable to do advanced controls such as focus, aperture, vs. and It requires a "monthly" subscription. I think canon plugged off all the software that gives the ability to remote control advanced features in order to push users to subscription. This genuinely sucks.