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Canon Camera Connect created 6458 empty albums on my iphone!!


Canon Camera Connect has created 6458 empty albums on my phone that is replicated to Icloud. They are so many that Icloud can not cope with it and crashed or freezes. This mean I can not delete them in Icloud as per propesed work around see link below. So this app has destroyed my albums function om my Iphone and Icloud. Talked to Apple they can not help. How do I fix this problem?


Is there no "batch delete" function in the phone's operating system? 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA



Are you using a PC or MAC?


How are you accessing iCloud?


Browser or iCloud Application?


If browser which one?



When you log into iCloud on your PC or MAC what happens?


It crashes or freezes?...  You mean your browser (freezes)?


Yes > Try another one.


If neccessary, turn off iCloud on the mobile device, or turn it off in the iCloud App.  If neccessary turn off your mobile device while troubleshooting.



***Edit, Bob, no batch delete in iOS, but you can delete in a browser.



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