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Can't use EOS Utility with EOS 4000D



I have an EOS 4000D that I want to transfer photos from onto my laptop. When I open the EOS utility app, I get this screen, however I cannot click any buttons or use the app at

I have downloaded the EOS utility app three times, and get the same screen when I connect my camera. Please let me know how to fix it.


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How are you connecting the camera to the computer? Are you using a USB cable? When using a USB cable, you have to disable Wi-Fi in the camera for it to work.

You could use a memory card reader plugged into the computer USB port to transfer images from the memory card. That is how I transfer photo files to my computer.

5DIV's recommendations are all good and correct.

If the menu items are grayed out in the utility, the camera is not being detected or is not successfully connected to the PC or MAC.

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You don't need EOS Utility or any other software to transfer from camera to computer. A USB cable connection should mount the camera in Windows File Explorer or Mac's Finder so you can drag & drop files/folders.

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