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CameraAccess App not working with iOS7?


I recently purchased a Canon Vixia HF R40.  The big selling point of this camera is that you could use your iphone as a remote as well as wirelessly connect your camera to upload to the web (facebook, youtube, etc).


I am so frustrated, I have been trying for days to get this camera working properly and its just not doing everything I want that's advertised on your website and was explained to me in the Best Buy store where I purchased.  


  1. I can get the camera to connect to my phone, but what was explained to me by your support staff today is I actually have to disconnect my phone from wifi and use the camera as my wifi point.  This doesn't make any sense to me.  How is this even going to work?  
  2. The camera access app cannot find my camera.  After doing some research on other forums and on the pixela website it seems that Pixela only supports up to iOS6.  I don't understand as the page on the app store clearly states it works with the iPhone 5.  All of the 5's and 5S's and etc are all coming with iOS7 so not exactly sure why there is incorrect information and surprised Apple is allowing this, I thought there was a review to get on the app store?
  3. I spoke to someone at your support center today who then tells me you don't support Pixela.  How can you not support something that is the main driver of a feature on your camera?  Also the guy at best buy told me that Canon is doing away with all of their camcorder models and is no longer going to support them in general.  Is this true????  

The whole reason I purchased this model and your brand was because I was told Canons are like the "Apple Computers" of the camera world.  They just work.  No fussing, no confusion, no BS.  All I have is confusion, BS and nothing working.  


Even if you don't own the Pixela app, I would imagine you have some influence over this, can you PLEASE ask them to fix their app so it works on iOS7.  


If I don't get help in the next few days I'll be returning this camera and going with another brand.  I'm really disappointed.



Also, I should add so you have the errors or things I'm not getting as follows.


When I go the home button on the screen and try to choose the setting for Remote Control + Streaming it doesn't let me select.  That's when I popped into best buy and they told me that its because I can't connect with Camera Access app because I'm on iOS7.  


The other thing you all need to update is your manuals, the icons in your manuals don't match whats actually on the camera so it makes it confusing.




Ha!  I figured out a way around all of this YAY!  I have it working!  I can put up instructions if anyone is interested!

Glad to read you find a way to do what you want.


I was just going to point out that you posted in a camera "software" message forum.  There is a "camcorder" forum which would probably get visibility with more users of your camcorder.


The link is here:

(Although you can just go to the top of the Canon Forum page (where it lists all forums) and you'll see it on the list.


The forums are really a user-community, so when you post and get replies, they're coming (mostly) from other users just like you.  Canon has moderators but the forum is mostly intended for community support.  To get direct support from Canon it's best to call their support number.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Hi there,

Yes please! If you don't mind posting the instructions you figured out, I'm having the same problem...,
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