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Camera Connect is extremely slow




I'm using a Canon PowerShot SX280HS, and along with that my iPhone 7+ with Camera Connect.

My focus here is the use of Location information, which I've used for years in various versions and layouts, and of some versions (currently has worked better than others, as with all sw:-)


Currently I may say it's NOT the best version I've used, whereas the previous (older design) worked like a charm! It was fast, smooth, and did the job.

Whereas now it's pretty horoble to work with, except for the (Location) logger seems to be more stable than before, and which might be part of the actual problem.

It seems to keep logging more or less for ever, or at least until it's turned off, which I also would expect to create a HUGE logfile, as when syncing with the camera it takes forever, until it finally stops syncing as it looses connection to the iPhone after approx 5 - 10 min.

The old version never took more than a minute to sync a 100+ pics, so something seems to be really bad here.


As a SW developer myself I see other issues I would have fixed a long time a ago, and if I have ANY chance of influencing you, here is a couple of points I'd kindly ask you to look at:

  1. You can't get to the actual log file: 
    1. Why is it not shared in iTunes as most others do?
  2. You have no control over the log file:
    1. Size can't be seen or checked.
    2. It can't be deleted.
    3. It can't be send
    4. It can't be shared (as said above).
  3. There are no (debug) log facilities in the app.
  4. Basically you can't see what's going on behind the "walls":
    1. When syncing there is no information on the progress (I'd say this is pretty bad - if I may say so).
    2. Log information is highly needed
    3. A log map would be awesome
    4. A time/loction list would be great.

I'm a huge fan of simple (and stupid) app that just does the job, but when they are not, I'm also a fan of app that provides a (advanced) menu for help to self-help - if you get my point?

A menu that help those who are looking for some of the stuff named above, and for those who want/need to know a "little" more, and/or what to transfer the collected knowledge (say location log) to their PC or whatever for additional usage.


Thanks for listening and looking into this.


Kind Regards,


Bjarne, Denmark