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EOS Rebel T8i Memory Card Compatibility


I have a Canon T8i and I wonder if a SDXC 200MB/1TB would work with my camera? 




Any good name-brand SDXC card that's rated UHS-I is supported. Check out the manual for more info.



What memory card would you use for sports photography with a Canon T8i?

See Stephen's earlier reply pointing out the user manual for compatible cards.

Since sports typically involves continuous shooting, you'll want to ensure you have good write speeds on your card.  I believe the best that a UHS-I card can do is 30 MBps (a V30-rated card).   Note though that depending upon where the bottleneck is, you may still run into situations where the camera's memory buffer becomes full and you'll need to wait while the card writes out the data.   Especially if using RAW (which you really should be using as a format).


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No it would not.  Forgive me.  I misread his post.  Stick with full size, non - adapted cards.  While you can use higher capacity cards, Using multiple smaller cards is safest and best.  What you don't want to do is lose an entire days worth of images and video because you used 1 giant card.  

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